Bob Foster - Brief Biography

Hi, I'm Bob Foster.


I live in Taunton in Somerset, United Kingdom.

I'm a Training Engineer for Western Power Training, and have developed many learning facilitation systems within the company.

I have also developed a simple web-based version of one of these systems: Demo of Multiple Choice Question Delivery system which you can try by clicking this link.

I am also studying for a Phd in Computational Linguistics at Wolverhampton University.

I recently organised the MCQ-Creation Workshop exploring the fascinating task of creating Multiple Choice Questions. The proceedings and the Call for Papers for the next workshop can be accessed from this link.


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  * (2009) Controlled Rhetorical Structure Theory (poster)

  * (2009): Controlled Specific Learning Objectives. In Proceedings of ACORN Graduate Conference, Aston University, May 2009.
  * Controlled Specific Learning Objectives (poster)


I teach Clarinet and Saxophone from home and my other hobbies are writing Short Stories and Novels and Playing Bridge.

I have also created some Music CDs which have been used as background music on training videos produced at work

If you wish to contact me, I prefer to work with Emails since I am an early riser. My address is

Thanks for visiting my site, and I hope you find something of interest here.